Thursday, 28 February 2013

End Feb 2013 Update

Just in time for the end of the month I published the little chain reaction game I had been working on. It is not exactly the best work I have done. The aim was to get my brain back into libgdx which it has done.

I am not expert yet!

While I was in publish APK mood I also took the advertising off of Onions Vs Wheelies. The game has not exactly been downloaded many times so I figure why should i let it interfere with the game play.

I have also taken the same approach with my latest game, aptly named Circle Explosion by the way, the popularity of these simple games just does not warrant adding adverts to them.

In fact I am starting to think ads are not great when it comes to games on android, a better approach would be to do an in app purchase to unlock the whole game.

There is not much else to report really. February has not been the most productive when it comes to code. I am looking forward to picking up some momentum in march.

The fun thing is I am probably going to start training for a marathon this week making march quite a busy month.

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