Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Percy Grower Released.

Well I have finally finished another game. Yes it is pretty simple and I have low expectations on download numbers. Still it has been fun to produce and I got to grips with more of LibGdx.

I don't yet have a link to it as I have only just published it and it can take a some time for it to go active on the play store. It should turn up here at some point.

The idea of the game is for you to navigate Percy and escape the maze. Spiky things are out to stop you.

Well this is my fourth game using libgdx and I am starting to feel like I know the system quite well now. While all of it is not resident in my head I have used it enough that learning new bits of it don't take too long.

The small Entity/Component based system I have built on top seems to be standing up to my simple usage and makes adding new stuff really easy. It would be fascinating to see how it held up to larger projects. Being implemented in Java means it is not quite as sweet as one written in a dynamic language like JavaScript but it is still pretty nice to use.

Next up is a couple of days planing to decide what to do next.  

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